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ACS Total Blocks

ACS Total Blocks



ACS SleepSound and Swim Plugs

These products completely block the ear canal - no filters or cables!

The ACS Swim Plug gives a custom made seal to keep water out of your ears whilst swimming. The product is made of floatable silicone so that they can be easily found if dropped in water, and are produced in blue and red (to indicate left and right ears, respectively).

The ACS SleepSound helps you to sleep without distractions. This product is constructed from a very soft silicone, and is produced in yellow as standard.

NOTE: For taking impressions for custom earplugs, you need to ensure that your ears are healthy and clear of wax. If you have had a recent ear infection, ear surgery, or are experiencing ear pain, please visit your GP before paying for custom earplugs. Excessive ear wax can also cause a poor quality mould, so if this is the case on examination, you may need to visit your GP for wax removal.


These items are only available for purchase in the UK.  The blocks will be sent to you directly by Royal Mail delivery 48 hour tracked for a delivery fee of £5.00.

Refund Policy

Items will not be refunded once the packaging has been opened.

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